We are excited to announce a brand new way of adding a recurring event such as a weekly practice or twice a week training.

Login to your team site and then follow these steps:

  1. Click “Calendar” to go to team calendar.
  2. Click the Pencil Icon to turn on editing.
  3. Click the Plus Icon to add event.
  4. Check the “Is this event recurring?” box.
  5. Enter recurring (see guide below).
  6. Enter total (number of events), duration (length in hours of events) and event start date (date of first recurring event). All of these fields are required.

Recurring Event Options

How to Enter a Recurring Event

Our SmartScheduler allows you to enter your recurring dates these three ways:

  1. at [time] on [Day]
    example – at 6:00 pm on Thursday
  2. at [time] on [Day1], [Day2], [Day3]
    example – at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, Thursday
  3. at [time] on [Day] also at [time] on [Day]
    example – at 6:00 pm on Thursday also at 10:00 am on Saturday

If you have the format correct, you will see the dates in your recurrence listed as follows:

Recurring Events Generated


Just copy and paste the format you want to use to easily use the correct format.

Need Help?

Any questions or issues, click this link for our Support Contact Form.