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Your league members & their families take their game seriously

Give them an online presence they will feel proud to see, including our famous, professional-grade Score Ticker at the top of your page

You Will Be Shocked At How Easy It Is To Use Our Fully Customizable Website

Our League Management Software module is so easy to use and is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE by you.

Good luck finding another league software package that can say the same!

No matter what your league’s age group, no matter how big or small it is, our league module really helps your members feel proud of their league and their own accomplishments.

We make it simple for you to play your members up in a way guaranteed to create smiles and encourage them to walk taller and feel good about themselves!

It’s like having ESPN create a web page just for your league, but without all of those annoying ads (on the premium version of the website). There’s plenty of room for you to post league pictures, team logos, news stories, score reports, box scores, and a whole lot more. And you’ll be astonished how easy and quick it is to manage it.

Season Ticker software was lovingly created by local league sports fanatics like yourself, who just happen to also be master computer programmers.

We know and appreciate just how important our local sports leagues are, and we’ve put a lot of hard work into make your league look better than any other option on the market can make it look.

Now you can focus on individual contributions by every team member. Each player will love to feel the thrill of seeing their name on the league’s website pages, along with pictures and descriptions to remind them just how much fun they’re having playing the game with their on-field friends.

Show off their sportsmanship. Show off their triumphs. Show everyone how truly great your league really is.

Season Ticker software makes it easier for you to do this than ever before, making your league more accessible online than anything else available.

It’s so easy. Set up a free team website live in just a few minutes. Try it and be amazed!

Customizable Website

Completely customizable league website. League pictures, logos, colors and beyond.

Live Score Ticker

See scores live as they are entered across the website with our real-time score ticker.

Enter Scores Online

Coaches can easily enter the score of their game from any device. Game results are instantly added to the website and standings are updated.

Online Standings

Standings are updated live when scores are entered. Fans can track games back, points allowed/against, upcoming games and previous results.

Easy Playoff Creation

At the end of a season, our playoff wizard can automatically generate seeding for playoffs or a tournament based on your criteria and tiebreakers.

Once you approve the seedings, playoff brackets are generated and results are entered just like regular season games.

And playoff brackets generate a ton of website traffic!

Online Game Scheduling

Scheduling games is challenging for teams who maintain independent schedules.

We have solved this problem by offering the ability for teams to select their away games so they can easily select days and times that work for their team.

On scheduling day, you go to your team page. You’ll see your away opponents and their available dates. You pick the time that works for you and it gets added to both teams schedules. Quick and easy!

See a video demo here:

Game Locations With Maps and Directions

A map is displayed in the details of every scheduled game. Getting directions to the game is as easy as clicking on the map.

Teams enter their own facilities and a map is generated based on the address.  

Team Communication

Full integration with our team management software allowing for text message alerts and email reminders for coaches and team administrators to easily keep the teams up to date.

Rosters and Waivers

Easy to use roster and waivers. Rid yourself of the hassle of collecting paper waivers. Team roster also creates contact list that can be used by parents. Enter it once and use it many ways.

Optional digital waiver with customizable waiver text.

Team Calendar

See league games on a shared team calendar that syncs to your preferred calendar software and phone.

Get Sponsored

Show your appreciation for your league sponsors. Link to their website providing valuable traffic.

Additional Features

Text messages for immediate updates

Teams Register themselves and enter their own information

Season Wizard – conferences, schedule

Assign officials

Team contact list for entire roster and coaching staff

Online payments and payment tracking


Organizational and director access

Custom Domain Name

No advertising on Premium Sites

Automatic integration with team sites and tournaments using Season Ticker.

Coming Soon

Recruitment Profiles

How It Works

This software is TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE which allows you to manage your league with your specifications.

The scenario below how the software works is just one scenario. This software is TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE and the items below can be customized or even omitted if you would prefer to run your league in a different way.

  1. Teams register or renew for upcoming season.
  2. Returning teams renew with a single click!
  3. League Manager adds team to appropriate conference or division.
  4. If team signed up incorrectly, League Manager can edit the team info or reassign team to correct level.
  5. League determines total number of games per team and schedule format.
  6. Software generates team schedules with appropriate amount of home and away games.
  7. Schedules can be manually done and uploaded via spreadsheet if preferred.
  8. Teams enter available home dates into website.
  9. League chooses scheduling day and time.

Scheduling Day

  1. Teams log in to website and see their away opponents and their available dates to host your team.
  2. Manager selects date/time that works for their team to travel to that team to play.
  3. Game gets added to both teams’ schedules and removed from hosting teams available dates.
  4. Team manager repeats process until schedule is complete.
  5. These games can also be scored or rescheduled through same interface as needed.

Online Rosters and Digital Waivers

Another feature of the website is the ability to handle online rosters and digital waivers. These features can be turned off if you have another way of handling rosters or waivers.

  1. Team manager enters player name, jersey number, date of birth and email address of parent/guardian.
  2. When manager is ready, he/she clicks button to send digital waivers to parents/guardians.
  3. Parent/Guardian follows link in email, confirms player information and submits digital waiver.
  4. When resending link to online waiver, only players who have not completed online waiver will receive email.
  5. League verifies completed waivers through administrative console.
  6. Rosters are locked on date determined by league and future changes can only be done by league official.
  7. Opposing team managers can access final team roster but only views player last name, jersey number and DOB.

As you can see, this software is the best invention since local league playoffs and trophies were first introduced.

Let’s give your league the power and prestige it deserves!

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