Tournament Management Software

Our tournament management software can manage all aspects of your tournament.

We can handle scoring, automatically generate schedules in all popular tournament formats, display brackets and more. Plus, teams using our software can register for a tournament with one click and import their roster with one click.

Our software is fully customizable so you would get all the features of a custom website for a similar cost to our less flexible competitors.

Your Format, Automatically

Easily create the format of tournament you want and the brackets are built for you.

Real-Time Scores

Scores are broadcast on the site as soon as they are entered. Brackets are updated and the live ticker will update.

Text Messages and Team Alerts

No need to pay for a communication service because we have text message and emailing built into our product.


Easy Team Signup

Signing up is a brief one-page form that automatically creates the account the manager will use to enter rosters and more.

Teams who already use Season Ticker can signup for your tournament with one click!

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We can even import your roster with one-click!

Click “Migrate Roster” and select the roster you want to migrate.