The best way to make your website look great is to add nice pictures of your team. Here is how you can easily add or edit the slideshow on your team site.

First, click the pencil icon.


To add pictures to your slideshow, click the “+” icon under “manage banners”.

Adding Pictures Team WEbsite

To add an image, either drag it to where it says “drop banner here”…

Dragging a Team Picture

Or click “drop banner here” and navigate to the picture on your computer.

Click to Browse Team Picture

To add text or links to your slideshow, just fill out the fields in the dialog.

Slideshow Titles Captions and Links

Here is a completed banner.

Slideshow Titles Captions and Links Completed

How do I edit an existing image or slideshow slide?

To edit an individual slideshow slide, click the “pencil” icon. To delete it, click the “trash” icon.